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Well, my bro, :iconwaver92: thought I should write more reviews, so I'm doing one for one of my favorite games, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Gameplay: The gameplay for this game is really smooth, especially compared to it's predecessor.  The controls are much simpler than the first.  Trying to vacuum ghosts has never been so easy and rewarding!  I didn't like how in the first one you had to repeatedly move the control stick in the opposite direction that the ghost is pulling you.  Made me tired.  REAL FAST.  In this game, all you need to do is, yes, pull in the opposite direction, but you can press the A button once the Poltergust is charged.  SO MUCH EASIER.  And it makes the game a lot more fun.  I also like all of the different functions of the Poltergust this time with the Strobe Light, Flash Light (was in the previous game too, but this one seems better) and the charge function.  As much as I like the gameplay, there are just some bosses I can't stand.  I'm looking at you Ice Face boss and Big Boo!  Ah well.  Doesn't hurt the score.  Great gameplay.

Story (spoilers): Well, I thought it was alright at first, but then I found out that it was about rescuing Mario again and I was a little put down by that.  Why is it that whenever Luigi gets a game, it's about rescuing Mario?  Can't he have his own quest for once?  Anyway, here's how the story goes:  Prof. E. Gadd is hanging out with a bunch of really friendly and helpful ghosts when all of a sudden, a "mysterious figure" comes and breaks the Dark Moon into pieces.  The Dark Moon is what keeps the ghosts friendly, and with it broken, they go on a rampage causing mischief and danger wherever they go.  Prof. E. Gadd then enlists in Luigi's assistance again to collect the Dark Moon pieces throughout several different mansions.  Turns out that King Boo was the ring leader behind all the trouble and probably wanted revenge on Luigi for the first game.  Why he had Mario?  I'm not sure, but it was probably added incentive.  The story would've been fine to me if it wasn't for having to rescue Mario.

Graphics: The graphics are really nice in this game.  Then again, they were nice in the first game, so I expected it to be nice here too.  They're what you'd expect from a Mario game.  No surprises here.

Music: The music is pretty cool.  Much more noticeable than the first Luigi's Mansion.  The music for the mansions are the same song but different versions of it.  I have to say I don't really remember the music for the bosses so well.  The mansion music is what sticks out most to me.  Also the music for that stage in The Treacherous Mansion, "Paranormal Chaos"...  That song is catchy... and nerve wracking...

Modes: There are two modes in this game.  There's the story and then there's Scarescraper.  In Story mode, you play through the story.  In Scarescraper, you go through a mansion, vacuuming ghosts.  It's more fun than I'm making it sound.  In this mode, you can play with up to 3 other people as alternate colored Luigis.  You go through the mansion catching ghosts.  Once all of the ghosts are collected, red coins appear and if you manage to collect them all, you'll get a power up.  You can also find several different types of power ups throughout the mansion that'll help you catch ghosts better and faster.  Also, you may find yourself or one of your friends in a sticky situation.  Help them as quickly as possible or they'll be pummeled by ghosts.  Fortunately, these traps don't happen if you're playing alone.  By the end of a section of the mansion, you'll fight a giant, reskinned version of one of the ghosts.  They have more HP than normal ghosts and other quirks too.  The fun thing about this is that you can collect all the different types of ghosts.  Also, another mode in Scarescraper is the Polterpup mode.  You go around the mansion tracking down polterpups.  Find them all to advance to the next level of the mansion.  Another mode is the Timed mode.  It's basically the same as the regular mode, but you're timed.  It's really difficult for me to get far in this one.  At the end of each mode, you face a giant Poltergeist called The Brain.  If you manage to beat him, you win the Scarescraper!  I enjoyed all of the modes in this game.  The only exception is with the timed mode in the Scarescraper.

Replayability: This game's replayability factor is great.  For most.  This game had ranks so you can always go back and try to perfect a stage.  You can do so by doing the stage quickly while taking minimal damage and getting lots of money.  Another thing that adds to the replay value is that there are 10 gems in every mansion.  Quite difficult to find if you ask me.  Also, you can try to re-catch ghosts to get bigger heavier ones in your collection.  There's also the different skinned ghosts you can find in the Scarescraper.  Good luck catching them all!  So, the replay value is really good, even though I'm not too fond of ranks.

Overall: This is a really great game.  A huge step up from the first Luigi's Mansion in just about every way.  Aside from a few bosses and un-locatable gems, I loved this game.

Score: 10/10.  I recommend this game.


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