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Welp... :iconwaver92: suggested a review from this game next.  Oh boy...
So let's start!

Gameplay: The gameplay isn't much different from the previous installments of the Battle Network series.  Run around on the field as Lan or Mega Man in the cyberworld busting viruses and so forth.  The thing is, this game doesn't have much of a curve in my opinion.  This game is difficult from the get-go to me...  Also, this game is comprised of lots of tournaments.  3 to be exact.  The one in Den City is the easiest (and I use that term loosely), then there's the one in the amusement park, which is intermediate, then there's the one where people from around the world can enter, which is the toughest.  In these tournaments, Lan and Mega Man must go through trials depending on who you're facing.  There's lots of combatants, but you can only fight 3 of them in a tournament.  Now, these trials are strenuous most of the time.  The one that really stands out as difficult for me is the Search Man trial.  You run through the Undernet busting viruses, and all the while, Search Man is trying to snipe you...  One shot takes out 100 HP...  Totally irritating trial.  Another one that really stands out is this... Heel navi named Jammer.  You have to travel through numerous cyberworlds in Netfrica and release the souls of dead navis that got lost in the desert-like cyberworld.  You just have to bust viruses, but those viruses...  Oh man...  Anyway, I guess in general, the gameplay is alright.  Not too different from previous games, but the tournament style and the trials ruin it for me.

Story: Please forgive me.  My memory of this game is a bit foggy.  The story is a step-up in intensity from the previous games.  This group called Nebula is trying to take over the cyberworld.  Their plan is much deeper than that, but my memory fails me.  Also, this is where darkchips become much more prominent.  They're battlechips that are strong, but somewhat like a drug.  They poison the user and corrupts them.  Anyway, the tournaments play an integral role in the story too.  Depending on which game you're playing, you'll meet certain navis in the tournaments where you can earn their friendship and double-soul with them, helping you along your quest.  If you have Red Sun, you can double soul with Fire Man, Guts Man, Aqua Man, Search Man and Wind Man.  If you have Blue Moon, you can double soul with Wood Man, Junk Man, Metal Man, Number Man and Proto Man.  Anyway, Shade Man appears to be your main antagonist throughout the game as he even forces you to use a dark chip.  I believe Nebula interrupts you during your 2nd tournament and you then have to fight Laser Man.  I believer this is the part when they really make themselves known and that Shade Man is answering to a higher-up, Dr. Regal.  Anyway, after the Netopia tournament, that's when you have to go into space with Mega Man to stop Nebula.  I know I'm missing some details.  Nervous about your progress, Laser Man makes you fight your shadowy doppelganger.  After that, you face a giant entity named Duo who's sole purpose is to pass judgement on planets.  He's deemed Earth unworthy of continuing and wants to destroy it, so you must stop him.  Defeating him gives him a change of heart... sort of.  It's more of a delay in destroying the earth.  Anyway, I know it could've been better, but that's the story.  Somewhat.

Graphics: The graphics are somewhat different from the previous 3 installments.  The sprites are a bit smaller, and cuter if you ask me.  Capcom always do an awesome job with the graphics in their games.  The buildings, the characters, the settings, all nice looking.  I have no complaints here.

Music: Just like with the graphics, Capcom's music doesn't ever disappoint.  I've played this game a good number of years ago, and I still find myself humming some of these tunes to this day.  Here are some that stuck with me: the Undernet, Internet, virus busting music, the boss music, tournament boss music, amusement park computer, navicust, final computer, final boss...  I'm sure there are others.

Replayability: This bit may contain spoilers!  Read at your own risk!  This game has a CRAPLOAD of replayability.  In my opinion, not all good.  In fact, you have to play through the whole game at least 3 times in order to get all of the double souls.  You can't get them all in one go.  And, each time you start your game over, the viruses and bosses get tougher until you've passed it the 3rd time.  But playing the game to get all of the double souls isn't the only bit of replay value.  There's also a tournament you can do if you've connected with a friend with the opposite game.  If you go to Mr. Higsby's shop, you can do a tournament against the opposite version's navis.  Also, there's the task of collecting every battle chip, and trying to get an S rank on all of the navis...  I've never been any good at completing a game, let alone a Battle Network one.  There's also an after-quest dealing with Dark chips.  If you can manage to get all 5 dark chips, you can access this pit in Undernet 6.  But before you can even do that, I think you have to fight Bass.  I don't really know what lies beyond that dark pit in Undernet 6...  Could never get there.  But I think it results in an even tougher final boss.  So, yeah.  Lots of replay value.

Overall: I'm not saying that it's a bad game, it's just not my cup of tea.  I'm not fond of the tournament-heavy style of the game, and the thing that breaks this game is the sheer difficulty of it all.  The trials as well as most of the navis.  There's hardly a curve in this game as, like I said earlier, it starts off difficult.  This is all my opinion, however.  Love the graphics and music though.  The story isn't that bad.  I like simplicity better, but it isn't bad.

Score: 6/10.  I bet my bro was expecting a worse score.  Honestly I feel badly giving this game such a score, but it's my opinion.  If you like tournaments, you should probably give this game a try, but be prepared for the difficulty.

If anyone has an idea for a review I should do, let me know!  I'll be happy to give it a try.


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